Mary Miller

Republican candidate for U. S. Senate 2018

My name is Mary Miller and I am running for the U.S. Senate from the Great State of Texas.


picture of Mary Miller, Republican candidate for Texas Senate 2018


As part of the shrinking middle class, I want to bring back a robust economy by putting more money in your pockets, providing medical care at a reasonable cost, and ensuring that Social Security will still be around when it’s time to retire.  I am hardworking, dependable, and honest.  As a CPA, I am held to level of ethics above the average consumer and I pledge to always be frank with Texas, even if the news is hard to swallow.  Sunday School, youth groups, Bible study, and Young Life provided the foundation for my relationship with our Creator.  I’m many things—a mom, Certified Public Accountant, university teacher, spouse of a retired Navy officer of over 30 years, and elderly caretaker.


It's time to shed the turmoil of 2017 and gather together to solve our problems.  I believe every Texan wants trusted and full representation from their Senators.  The media stokes the fires of dissent and distrust between us, forcing us to choose sides.  Our party system has put us at odds, damning the other side while our children watch as we watch the evening news.  I will listen to everyone, regardless of party, and pledge to do what's best for Texas and the country.   Americans want more money in the pockets of the middle and working classes in order to build a strong economy by strengthening our infrastructure, with special focus on cyber threats, cutting taxes, offering medical care at a reasonable cost, and returning the funds we paid into the social security system when we reach the age of 65.


Americans want health care.  No matter how much the Republican establishment fumes; that's the fact.  The burden its placed on small businesses and the middle and lower classes is unacceptable.


I am Country First.  Our elected officials seem to have forgotten that they represent us, not the other way around.  And none of the parties deserves a standing ovation for their performances in the 2016 election.  Americans deserve politicians who tell them the truth.


As a moderate Republican, I believe in small government and being fiscally responsible.  We have a $22 trillion-dollar deficit and our government keeps raising our "credit limit" instead of cutting back on spending.  Our country cannot continue to support that level of debt.  Sooner or later, you have to pay, and the interest payments alone total $266 billion for FY 2017.  We're drowning in our own debt.


Special interests have bloated our government beyond recognition. With the passage of Citizen's United, campaign financing opened the door for a corruption throughout our political system.  Career politicians and lobbyists are the problem.  Term limits have been an open issue for years.  Time to close these loopholes for the wealthy and special interests and take back our electoral system.


Representatives should be loyal to their constituents.  Out of the gate, I plan to submit bills for changes to our campaign finance rules, term limits, with a balanced budget amendment if elected.  We need an honest, hardworking, and dedicated representative as our Senator.  Someone unimpressed with the national stage who wants to represent all Texans-not just special interests, party donors, and the one percent.





picture of Mary Miller, Republican candidate for Texas Senate 2018

picture of Mary Miller, Republican candidate for Texas Senate 2018

picture of Mary Miller, Republican candidate for Texas Senate 2018