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Balancing the budget, term limits, and campaign financing

Balancing the budget


image of budge on balance scaleWe cannot take on any more debt.


From Mr. Cruz’s website:


He has consistently voted against raising the debt ceiling, insisting that any debt ceiling increase be accompanied by structural reforms, such as a balanced budget amendment, to better control the way Washington spends money. Sen. Cruz believes that Washington’s out-of-control spending robs prosperity from our children and grandchildren, and that economic growth necessitates a smaller, less regulation-heavy federal government.


We must pass an amendment to the constitution requiring a balanced budget.  According to the Congressional Budget Office, the size of our government has grown 100% in the last decade.  This cannot continue.  We’re maintaining a “lifestyle” we can’t afford, using our “credit cards.”


Eventually, you reach your credit limit, and you must get more credit cards until finally you are maxed out and you can't get financing, ending with bankruptcy.


We must tame the deficit now.


That means that the country cannot afford everything it wants.

We bailed everybody out, and now it’s time to pay the piper.


Those big banks didn’t get millions – they are getting billions and its open-ended, but don’t be distressed, it caps out at $16.8 trillion.


There’s the swamp, ladies and gentlemen.




Term Limits


Congressional term limitsNo senator should serve over two terms while a representative may only serve for four terms.  No one should be a career politician.  A lack of term limits has gotten us into this mess - career politicians and lobbyists.  The back-alley deals will not stop if we don’t make it impossible to profit from public service.


Cruz is a creature from the Washington swamp.  That’s why he’s so quiet regarding Mr. Trump.  We’ve heard from John Cornyn, but where is Mr. Cruz?


I’m a Certified Public Accountant, adjunct professor, spouse of a retired Navy Officer who wants to work for you.  I have a Bachelor's of Science in Speech Communications, and two Master's, in Accountancy and Taxation.  I won’t be running for President.


Our state deserves competent representation in the Senate.  One that speaks for every one of us - not just special interests.  Cruz is a first term Senator that has made a mockery of our political system.


He needs to go.


Campaign finance reform




Citizens United

Campaign Finance Reform


We must limit campaign finance.  Congress works for us!  Not special interests.  Again, how’s that swamp draining coming?




Excessive WH Expenses for DJT


Our President and First Lady live in the White House.  That’s been our tradition for hundreds of years.  If you chose not to live there, that is your choice but, the American taxpayer will not be footing the bill.


I will introduce legislation requiring our sitting President and any prior Presidents to declare one residence as their primary residence within 30 days.  Every President will reimburse the government for any secondary residence expenses within 60 days.


Taxpayers refuse to pay for an extravagant lifestyle while you are in office or after you are out.  There are future earnings for book deals, speaking engagements, etc.  Ex-Presidents are multi-millionaires when they leave office.  They can afford to reimburse the American public if they want to have multiple residents.


Everyone gets one permanent residence, and yours and your wife’s will be the White House.  Any Ex-Presidents may declare one tax home.  Any other homes will need reimbursement to the American Government.


The upgrades done to facilities to accommodate any President, past or present, will also require reimbursement.  We offer housing to our Presidents to avoid just this kind of mess.





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image of budge on balance scale

Campaign finance reform

image of budge on balance scale

Campaign finance reform