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one of Trump's many hotels

Donald J. Trump should not be able to continue to withhold his tax returns.  Although real estate partnerships are difficult to untangle, if he never planned to divest, he shouldn’t have run for President.


Our President cannot receive monies from foreign persons, nor can he profit from his position.  That's the law, and money won't buy a reprieve.


Current and future Presidents should surrender copies of their tax returns, and proof of divestiture BEFORE they can take the oath of office.  They should be required to liquidate any investments other than mutual funds while they are in office.  Sorry, but DJT doesn’t get it both ways.  Mr. Trump works for us now, and if we want to keep taxes reasonable for the average American, not just the wealthy, we need an impartial President.


To ensure that impartiality, Americans need to see to whom a public official is beholden to.  The Tax Returns pages reported by various news outlets are inconclusive, but we did learn a few things from his filing in Nevada.


  • Our President has a billion-dollar net operating loss or NOL
  • He could avoid Federal and State taxes for up to 20 years.1


DJT is violating our constitution by not divesting and Americans won't stand for it.  Mr. Cruz's usual penchant for grabbing the spotlight makes his constituents wonder why we haven't heard word one from our Senator.  Ted Cruz can't be depended on to do his job.


This bill will be drafted on my first day.





1 Internal Revenue Service, Publication 536: Net Operating Losses for Individuals, Estates, and Trusts, page






one of Trump's many hotels

one of Trump's many hotels

one of Trump's many hotels