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the 1st amendment and free press


The First Amendment and a Free Press


The news media is not the enemy.  ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC do not generate fake news and are trusted news sources.  The only person with an honesty problem is DJT.


It’s no longer Republican versus Democrat, or conservative versus liberal. It’s Russia trying to circumvent our democratic process and threaten the very fabric of our system of government.


And what’s Mr. Cruz’s reaction?  Nothing. Even after DJT ridiculed his wife, and implied his Dad was involved in the Kennedy assassination?


It feels lately like Mr. Cruz is keeping his head down.  As usual, it’s not about us—it’s just about keeping his job so he can run for President.


My policy


Hit Russia hard, as forcefully as we can, with debilitating blows on all fronts.