National security concerns  /  Foreign aid

Foreign aid in 2016 accounted for 1% of the total budget, or $42 Billion.  According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average respondent thought 26% of the federal budget went to foreign aid when it accounts for only 1% of the total budget.


Of that $42 Billion, $16.8 billion went to security, and $25.6 Billion was economic aid.  The Security category contains $10 million in U.S. security support, which means our State Department gives them weapons - for free.  Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Columbia, Mexico, and countless small countries received free hardware.


Afghanistan and Iraq make sense; we are trying to rebuild nations and fulfill a commitment made by Bush.  Pakistan is strategic since India is a Russian ally.


But why does Mexico, Egypt, Jordan, Columbia, and Israel get weapons for free?  These are some of the wealthiest countries in the world,1 but we give them arms totaling $3.7 Billion?  Why?  If a country can afford to pay why are we giving it away?  We should offer to sell them arms.  We can’t afford to give the farm away any longer.