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Reclassification of Marijuana


reclassification of marijuana














The medicinal effects of marijuana provide many benefits that would alleviate a need for many pharmaceuticals such as Oxycodone, which is extremely addictive.

The generated revenue due to a reclassification could pay for the infrastructure bill.   We can no longer rely on state’s rights with advent of Jeff Sessions and the Trump Administration.  Republicans should be for state’s rights and our rights are in danger.


Forbes published: 60% of Americans are in favor of the reclassification of marijuana.


The revenue generated in these states on marijuana sales totals $6.7 Billion.6  The U.S. Government deserves at least 10% in tax revenues or $670 Million.  With such a large deficit, we need these proceeds to decrease our debt.


And who knows how many states would agree if they knew Big Government would not circumvent their rights?


The state of Texas has billions in tax revenues at stake.  According to Forbes magazine, Texas could earn up to $1.2 billion.


It’s time to take all that cash out of the hands of the Cartel and put it back into the U.S. for regulation by our people.  It’s no longer enough to rely on state’s rights with Mr. Sessions.  The cartels have made this a blood sport—let’s bring it back under our control and keep the profits for ourselves.


Our nation’s laws should focus on violent criminals.  Statistics show that most criminals are non-violent drug offenders - and are disproportionately minorities.  The release of these prisoners could address overcrowding issues in prisons and decrease expenses significantly.





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reclassification of marijuana

reclassification of marijuana

reclassification of marijuana