Job Requirements for U.S. Senator:


  • Represent their constituency
  • Introduce legislation
  • Vote on laws
  • Serve on committees
  • Inform the public


The direction of our party


This is also a race affirming the direction, we as Texans, want the Republican party to go.  I think the Koch Boys puppet just slipped in as we all went about our daily lives, all the while, he tinkered and changed things in the Republican party to move further and further toward "condemning" anyone who doesn't agree with his fundamentalist Christian values.


Our party moved from one of our great fore Fathers, Ronald Reagan, who possessed strong Christian values, solid conservative fiscal policies, with an undeniable charisma, and communication skills like no other…to this?


Mr. Cruz was hired to do a job.  A position of high honor that lasts for a six-year term.  He has not fulfilled his duties as our Texas Senator.  His voting record is the worst in the U.S. Senate.  Since his entrance into the Presidential spotlight on March 23, 2015, he has worked to cause dissension and turmoil even in his own party.  He doesn't work with anyone, content to bully people into voting his way and dispensing punishments accordingly.


Christianity has been woven into the Republican platform since before the eighties.  However, as a Christian, I'd like to remind Mr. Cruz that there are many sects within Christianity and many religions.


And I don't believe as you do.  So why do fundamentalist Christian viewpoints from the MOST conservative Senator in the Senate warrant a platform authored by you and your belief system?  Our founding fathers set up a democracy that was in response to such religious tyranny.


How did all the other Republican delegates let that platform stand?  Well, we all saw that dog-and-pony show.  The Republican establishment's heads might as well have exploded with all the turmoil DJT caused - to say nothing of sneaking in of the kinder, gentle stance toward Russia - all under Mr. Cruz's watch.

I am a Republican, a fiscal conservative.  Being a social conservative didn't used to be a given if you called yourself a Republican.  That's when the party moved from the Reagan ideals to the Tea Party which is tying us all together in that conservative, pro-life, anti-gay agenda.


The Republican party is more diverse than I believe the leadership or the media would lead us to believe.  We run the gambit of the spectrum on social issues, much like many Texans do.


It's time to end the fighting and get some bills passed.


I am Country first!


I stand in opposition to Donald Trump.  From the minute, he rode down the escalator and lumped my family in with rapists and murderers, I have refused to support his own special brand of bigotry.


I work hard; I show up and I do the job I was hired to do. I worked my way up to Controller by the age of thirty despite multiple military moves.  Certified by the state of California in 2003.  I received a Master's in Accountancy in 2002 and one in Taxation in 2003. As a CPA, I worked with all types of clients over the years, but primarily high-net-worth individuals and Corporations.


I am more than willing to put my foot down, unlike Mr. Cruz, when it comes to DJT's antics.  I'm also willing to work hard every day, every month, every year to be the best U.S. Senator Texas has ever seen. I hope you will join me in standing up for your average woman who wants to serve Texans. I can't stand by and let him go unchecked as a Republican from the great State of Texas--I have to step up and fight for my state and my country.


I am a Republican that believes in COUNTRY FIRST.  I'm a CPA with enough common sense to realize when I am being lied to, but enough business acumen to realize a good deal when I see one.


I'm hopeful that you will see my commitment and passion, not only in my website, but also on the campaign trail.  I'm not willing to throw in the towel with the Republican party without a fight.  However, being a Republican doesn't mean you'll get my vote like some rubber stamp.


My constituents determine my vote, not Trump, not the Republican Party, nor anyone else.


I also pledge to each and every Texan that I will work with anyone who wants to solve a problem - Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green Party and Libertarians.  We can't continue with this stalemate.  Our problems are big, but they are not beyond repair.  But if we never sit down and COMPROMISE, our problems will bite us square in the proverbial patottie.


The naysayers may think I'm too liberal for the Texas Republican ticket.  I think my beliefs are in line with other Texans, unlike Mr. Cruz, who was voted the most conservative Senator.  Judging from his narrow margins on his Senate run, our state is predominately Republican, with a strong Democratic party in opposition.


I was raised to work hard, tell the truth, compete fairly, and lead with honor to God and Country.  Thank you for your consideration.






VOTE for Mary for U.S. Republican Senator from Texas!   SEND TED HOME!!!

My name is Mary Miller and I’m running for U.S. Senate for the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS.


And I will work hard FOR ALL TEXANS !!!


Please VOTE on March 6, 2018 in the Republican Senate primary for Texas and let's SEND TED HOME!!!




VOTE for Mary for U.S. Republican Senator from Texas!   SEND TED HOME!!!

VOTE for Mary for U.S. Republican Senator from Texas!   SEND TED HOME!!!

VOTE for Mary for U.S. Republican Senator from Texas!   SEND TED HOME!!!