Americans are the white hats, always have been.  We ride in with our allies, and stand up for the people who can’t fight for themselves, which is how we’ve become the only superpower in the world.  And like it or not that comes with a responsibility.


As a human being, I cannot tolerate the horrific killing of any people by their own government.  In 2013, Obama drew a “red line,” and when he went to Congress, Mr. Cruz rallied the opposition and defeated the measure.  Those women and children needed action in 2013.


My Policy


Genocide is an atrocity that the people of the world must eradicate from our society.  Rape, genocide, and starvation were tools of war centuries ago, with leaders like Assad utilizing this brutality today, and as with any horrific tactic, the largest number of victims being women and children.


Women and children are no longer expendable.


Unfortunately, we can no longer afford to be the only policeman of the World.  In fact, history shows that when we go up against an opponent on our own, it never ends well.


The United Nations peacekeeping forces police an area before conflict escalates or after established peace.  They serve a purpose, as does NATO, however, neither can step in when active conflict exists.






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