BNK Estate and its activities in the commercial real estate market in Minsk

In recent years, most of the efforts of the Belarusian government have been focused on economic reorientation and expansion of production levels, including the establishment of relations in foreign markets. As the infrastructure improves, so do the expectations of residents, who need upscale recreational, entertainment and shopping facilities. For the same reasons, the country’s service […]

EU prepares measures against companies involved in the smuggling of migrants

In response to Minsk’s actions, the European Commission proposed a draft regulation that would enable it to impose sanctions against transport companies involved in the smuggling of migrants into the EU. Visit for more info or send requests like write my essays with guaranteed satisfaction to reliable sources. Because of the events on the border between Belarus and the European Union, the European Commission wants to be able to impose sanctions against […]

European Commission blames Lukashenka for the crisis on the border with Poland

According to EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Johansson, Lukashenka and his regime bear “extreme responsibility” for the situation with migrants on the border between Belarus and Poland. Despite some easing of tension on the border between Belarus and Poland, the European Commission has made serious accusations against Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko. “During the crisis, Lukashenko […]

U.S. promises Minsk sanctions over refugee situation at the border

The State Department pointed out that they are preparing restrictive measures against Lukashenko’s regime in “close coordination with the EU. Ned Price called “inhumane” the support of “the illegal flow of refugees across the borders. Washington announced new sanctions against Alexander Lukashenko’s regime – because of the situation with migrants and refugees on the border […]