BNK Estate and its activities in the commercial real estate market in Minsk

In recent years, most of the efforts of the Belarusian government have been focused on economic reorientation and expansion of production levels, including the establishment of relations in foreign markets. As the infrastructure improves, so do the expectations of residents, who need upscale recreational, entertainment and shopping facilities.

For the same reasons, the country’s service and business sectors have also developed more rapidly. Demand for commercial real estate is therefore growing in both the business and retail sectors. In proportion to the demand, the supply on the market has also increased, as it has been carefully prepared for such dramatic changes.

A brief tour of the BNK Estate company

In 2006, a company was founded, which is now known not only in Belarus, but all over the world. It is BNK Estate, co-founded by Abdo Romeo Abdo himself. The firm provides comprehensive consulting services for customers and tenants, as well as the maintenance of commercial buildings and facilities. Abdo Romeo Abdo himself led the creation of numerous business projects, all of which are now managed by BNK Estate.

In the early 90s Abdo moved to Belarus and after analyzing the current economic situation, he noticed the prospects for development of the commercial real estate market. This contributed to Abdo’s career success. Now he and his company BNK Estate are in great demand in Minsk.

Here are just some of the areas the company has noted for itself:

  1. Various real estate construction and design support, including investments.
  2. retail real estate trade.
  3. Full maintenance of commercial properties.

In addition to security surveillance and sanitation, BNK Estate offers its customers full design services for buildings from scratch on a turnkey basis, as well as landscaping. Quality projects, namely the numerous business centers that have been built under the direction of Abdo Romeo Abdo, are distinguished by:

  • Quality engineering systems and the most innovative technology.
  • Regular quality control, which is beneficial in all economic terms.
  • Modern room design, both architecturally and decoratively.
  • The maximum advantageous and comfortable location for visitors.
  • State-of-the-art equipment.
  • Special attitude to our clients, attitude to long-term cooperation.

To illustrate the sensitivity and attentiveness of BNK Estate to all its projects, below we will look at several such buildings.

The advanced business center of Minsk

Having started its activities back in 2009, Silver Tower is still at the top of the rating of business centers in Belarus, which are particularly popular in the commercial real estate market. This business center has a special role to play in the developed range of services, as well as very good conditions for office enterprises.

There are a total of 17 floors in the building, and not a single floor remains unoccupied. All kinds of companies – local and foreign, of any size – place their offices here. BNK Estate does not stop improving its creation, diversifying the range of services and improving the quality of service.

It is a pleasure to work in Silver Tower, because regular maintenance and repair works are carried out here, as well as 24-hour operational security service. Among other things, the building has cafes and canteens, a reliable Internet connection, and even parking for 150 cars.

Rubin Plaza. One of the best place for company development

In another business complex Rubin Plaza, which was also built with the assistance of BNK Estate, three buildings are beautifully inscribed into the external environment, combining elements of ultra-modern styles in architecture and interior design, as well as having all the necessary conditions for the comfortable functioning of all office employees. There are:

  1. soundproofed elevators.
  2. Positive lighting.
  3. First-class sanitation equipment.
  4. Plenty of parking space – about 180.
  5. Access to the premises at all times.
  6. 24-hour security of the premises.

To let the tenants spend more time on the development of their companies, the management of BNK Estate undertakes all the necessary repair and maintenance works.

The convenient location of the business center makes it a great place to locate the main office of the company.

Terrum Business Center and its history

What sets this business center apart from the rest? Elegant design, an advantageous location, and a very well thought-out layout from the inside. Every office worker here counts the minutes until they are back at their workplace, because no one has ever had such comfortable conditions. The management of Terrum monitors the operative security system and also makes improvements to the excellent service provided here.

Even the smallest details of room operation are not left unattended, because all Terrum’s efforts are aimed at maintaining the most comfortable working and resting conditions in the building.

Galileo. Minsk shopping center

Galileo Shopping Center, located in one of the busiest places in Belarus, accommodates everything you need for an active vacation: numerous restaurants, boutiques and stores, as well as entertainment venues. Not for nothing it is the favorite shopping center of all visitors and even its employees!

The management of BNK Estate strives to make visiting Galileo as convenient as possible for everyone, and it perfectly succeeds.

Here, for example, are some of the projects that BNK Estate has approved for implementation:

  1. a huge fusion space, which will house food courts and kiosks offering cuisine from a variety of countries and peoples. After all, the very concept of fusion cuisine proclaims the equality of Eastern and Western dishes. There is an opportunity to sign up for cooking courses, which also take place in the Galileo shopping center. The opening is scheduled for March of this year.
  2. The most modern cinema in Eastern Europe, which in quality and equipment can be compared with cinemas in London, Hamburg, Dubai and Madrid. All this is possible thanks to Dolby Atmos technology and state-of-the-art LED screens. Complementing all this is a pleasant atmosphere in the style of avant-garde nouveau and design of the interior, made in the style of Chapman Taylor.
  3. The Shop-in-shop zone, which will showcase the most successful designers who have won international awards. An area of 2,500 square meters has already been allocated for this project.

In 2015 Galileo was even awarded the title of the best shopping center in Minsk. And that says a lot! The advantageous location and covered parking also work wonders, attracting even more visitors from all over the city and even the country.


Ensures a high level of development of the external and internal market of Belarus, as well as its infrastructure, by increasing human development and macroeconomic indicators. Over time, the level of demand also changes and acquires more complex and technologically advanced forms, to meet which the commercial real estate market must be prepared to show outstanding flexibility. Demonstrating special qualities, Abdo Romeo Abdo successfully manages his company BNK Estate and meets customer demand.